Cardinal Burns

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Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns, otherwise known as charismatic comedy duo Cardinal Burns, bring their acclaimed sketch act to TV. Sketches range from silly and cartoonish to smart, contemporary concepts, to character pieces and quick fire moments of madness, all filmed with an ambitiously filmic and rich frame of reference that make this series stand out from the crowd. Recurring characters include the Office Flirts, a buddy movie adventure set in the world of office temping; a behind-the-scenes look at the life of super cool street artist Banksy, who's revealed to be a dull suburban dad; and Young Dreams, a parody of scripted reality TV shows, which follows the hallowed lives of Rachel, Olivia and Yumi on a fashion internship in London.


Бен Тэйлор

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Люсинда Драйзек, Себ Кардинал, Дастин Демри-Бёрнс, Фиона Баттон, Эйслинг Беа, Ayuk Marchant, Клер Варде, Wanda Opalinska, Кристофер Сиуреф, Катрин Шеперд

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