Up the Women. Сезон 2. Episode 5

Up the Women is a sitcom created, written by and starring Jessica Hynes. The sitcom is about a group of women in 1910 who form a Women's Suffrage movement. Hynes originally planned to write a comedy film about a suffragette plot to assassinate Herbert Asquith, but after realising the plot had turned quite dark, she decided to write a sitcom instead.
Великобритания, 2013
Christine Gernon
В ролях
Jessica Hynes, Vicki Pepperdine, Emma Pierson, Judy Parfitt, Ryan Sampson, Georgia Groome, Rebecca Front, Adrian Scarborough, Pip Torrens, Dominic Coleman
Сезон 2. Episode 5Завтра, 11:55
Сезон 2. Episode 5Завтра, 17:40
Сезон 2. Episode 6Завтра, 20:00
Сезон 2. Episode 613 декабря, 11:55
Сезон 2. Episode 613 декабря, 17:40