Mr Bloom's Nursery. Сезон 2. Episode 5

The children learn how to plant peas, and the Veggies put on a play.
Learn from the experience of nurturing vegetables as Mr Bloom and his team of "tiddlers" tend to the plants and produce in the allotment.
United Kingdom
Сезон 2. Episode 5Завтра, 08:00
The children learn how to plant peas, and the Veggies put on a play.
Сезон 2. Episode 20Завтра, 08:30
The Tiddlers help Mr Bloom fix the bean wigwams that were broken by a strong wind, while Colin grows a giant beanstalk.
Сезон 2. Episode 724 сентября, 08:00
Joan tries to cheer Raymond up by pretending to be a robot. Meanwhile, the children learn how to spot a plant that needs watering.
Сезон 2. Episode 2224 сентября, 08:30
The Tiddlers discover beetroot stains their fingers purple, and in the nursery, the Veggies have a dragonfly-themed day.
Сезон 2. Episode 2324 сентября, 09:00
The Tiddlers and Mr Bloom taste a new vegetable, while Raymond and Colin are thrown into disarray when the wrong comic is delivered.
Сезон 2. Episode 1025 сентября, 08:00
The Tiddlers help Mr Bloom to confuse carrot flies, while Raymond and Colin have fun on Vegetable Fool Day. 10/26
Сезон 2. Episode 2525 сентября, 08:30
Series using a mix of live action and puppet characters. Children learn important life lessons by nurturing plants and vegetables.
Сезон 2. Episode 1126 сентября, 08:00
The Tiddlers plant tomato seeds before learning they need both sun and rain to grow. 11/26
Сезон 2. Episode 2626 сентября, 08:30
Mr Bloom is asked to help create a shared allotment by a group of Tiddlers.
Сезон 2. Episode 1227 сентября, 08:00
Sebastian tries to take a special photograph in the nursery. Meanwhile, the Tiddlers learn the importance of keeping pots clean. 12/26