Woolly & Tig. Сезон 2. Episode 13

Tig loses her hat when she goes out with her granddad.
Веселые пятиминутные сюжеты о малышке Тиг и паучке Волли, которые изучают чувства детей, находящихся под впечатлением от новых событий и эмоций.
Сезон 2. Episode 13Сегодня, 09:20
Tig loses her hat when she goes out with her granddad.
Сезон 2. Episode 14Сегодня, 09:25
Tig decides she wants to go home before she reaches the top of a mountain.
Сезон 2. Episode 15Сегодня, 09:50
Woolly shows her how exciting being quiet can be when they go to a forest.
Сезон 2. Episode 16Сегодня, 09:55
Tig goes on a steam train and has so much fun she doesn't want the day to end.
Сезон 2. Episode 23Сегодня, 10:20
Woolly warns Tig that it is not a good idea to play with toy subway trains on a real subway track.
Сезон 2. Episode 24Сегодня, 10:25
Dad has his car cleaned, but the rain makes it dirty again.
Сезон 2. Episode 25Сегодня, 10:30
Tig gets a new night-light, and Woolly shows her how to have fun with the shadows it creates.
Сезон 2. Episode 19Завтра, 09:20
Woolly teaches Tig that it's ok to not like something when Tig says she doesn't like fireworks.
Сезон 2. Episode 20Завтра, 09:25
Tig refuses to hold her dad's hand when crossing the road.
Сезон 2. Episode 21Завтра, 09:50
Tig brings her aunt's wedding to a halt when she does an impromptu dance.