Hustle. Сезон 8. Episode 5

Fresh from an expensive spell in Las Vegas, the team are strapped for сash and therefore desperate to get back into the grifting game.
Великобритания, 2004 – 2012
Сезон 8. Episode 521 августа, 03:05
Сезон 8. Episode 622 августа, 03:10
Сезон 6. Episode 123 августа, 03:10
Albert is out finding and priming the next unsuspecting mark who happens to be ex-banker Piggy Richardson. 1/6
Сезон 6. Episode 224 августа, 03:10
Albert has decided it's time for a break so he's off to try his luck at the casinos, leaving the crew to fend for themselves in his absence. 2/6